Marlene Engel and Sophia Brandis, the creators behind the brand, crossed paths in Berlin during their university years in 2014 and soon became roommates. Following the completion of their Bachelor's degrees, their shared aspiration of establishing a unique brand started taking shape. Engel embarked on her journey as a designer, while Brandis pursued further studies, undertaking a Master's degree in Amsterdam.
the atelier
Engel and Brandis quickly realized that there were not many fashion brands that matched their vision of contemporary, sustainable and high-quality design, that is also affordable. Soon, Brandis and Engel found this to be their mission.
“We must focus on eliminating rushed production processes and commit to using only high-quality materials, labor practices, and product standards. We want to focus on understanding the customer's needs and expectations. Ultimately, we want to create garments that are more comfortable and made to last.”